Meet the Designers

Laurel in 1988Laurel was voted “Most Fashion Conscious” in her 1988 kindergarten class. Although fashion has changed a lot since then, Laurel’s passion for style has never wavered. She began designing and sewing her own clothes at the age of 9 and later pursued design as a career, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design.  Today, Laurel partners with her mom (and childhood sewing instructor), Sharon, to bring a new line of girls’ fine tailored dresses and separates that combine beautiful, all natural fabrics to classic silhouettes for Cocodots.


Sharon in the 1960sSharon is an Ivy League educated Civil Engineer who has managed and analyzed the design and operational aspects of major transportation, environmental, and stormwater  management infrastructure projects.  These days, Sharon prefers to study the structure of fine tailored garments over the structure of bridges and byways, but her attention to detail and analytical approach to pattern design and engineering has gained Cocodots its reputation for excellence.